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How to Choose OA Office System for Enterprises

Date:2019/1/20 20:02:07

In the past, if enterprises want to achieve collaborative office, they can only deploy servers by themselves. It not only takes a lot of time but also costs a lot. Therefore, it is only suitable for some large enterprises with rigid demand. Small and medium-sized enterprises can only sigh at the ocean. Now the OA system is popular, enterprises can easily use many functions such as collaborative office, project management and so on by paying fixed fees on time, which is very convenient.
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The so-called OA is the abbreviation of Office Automation, which means office automation in Chinese. It is a new office mode closely combined with the Internet and a very popular office trend at present. Then how should enterprises select mature OA systems? Then the enterprise service remittance will provide you with some suggestions for selection.
We can focus on the cooperative office function, project management function, function module function and cost of OA system.
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(1) Cooperative Office Function of OA System
The collaborative office function of OA system can be evaluated from three aspects: communication and collaboration function, office tools and mobile office capability.
1. Communication and collaboration function: Its main purpose is to promote close cooperation and communication among team members. Enterprises can examine whether they can provide one-to-one, one-to-many, add address book, built-in voice calls, publish graphics and text dynamics, comment on each other dynamics and other instant messaging functions within the system, as well as whether they can arrange meeting rooms, book meeting rooms, and carry out video/teleconference and other flexible functions. Conference room management function.
2. Office tools: To achieve efficient office through the common efficiency tools of embedded or external integration, enterprises can examine how many efficiency tools (such as enterprise cloud disk, cloud notes, nails, etc.) are supported by the OA system. Whether the permissions, function settings, file sharing of each efficiency tool are involved or not.

3. Mobile office capacity: mainly the ability to use the OA system on mobile phones. Enterprises can examine whether the OA system supports the use of mobile web pages, Android and iOS APP, as well as mainstream third-party platforms such as Wechat and Nail.

(2) Function Module Function of OA System

The function module function of the OA system refers to the function modules that the OA system provides to specific departments and teams, such as the financial system function module suitable for the financial department, the personnel system function module suitable for the HR department, the administrative system function module suitable for the administrative department, the CRM system function module suitable for the CRM team and whether the OA system is suitable or not. Supporting enterprises to integrate common external systems is also a point that needs to be focused on according to their actual needs.

(3) Project Management Function of OA System

The project management function of OA system can be evaluated from two aspects: task management function and personal management function.

1. Task management function: Task management decomposes big strategic objectives into small goals, and then assigns them to specific executing departments or individuals according to the urgency and importance of specific tasks. It mainly follows a set of management processes such as "decomposing tasks-assigning tasks-tracking tasks-statistical tasks". Enterprises can implement the OA system. Whether the system supports this function for key evaluation.

2. Personal management function: Personal management means that individuals record their accomplishment of tasks in the OA system, which can help business managers to understand the progress of tasks in a timely manner.

In addition, the current mainstream OA systems will generally provide some project management modules to facilitate the use of enterprises, and the type and quantity of templates is also a factor worth investigating.

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(4) The charging of OA system

At present, the mainstream OA systems on the market, such as Teambition, Worktile, Pan-micro eteams and so on, generally provide free and paid versions of services, which can be tried out free within a certain period of time, the required number of people and the storage capacity of the file cloud. As for the need for enterprises to use more advanced and comprehensive functional services, they need to pay to purchase. In addition, some OA systems will also provide some value-added services that need to be paid separately, such as teleconferencing, short message functions, etc. See the official network of each OA system.

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