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Suggestions on the implementation of ERP software for enterprise informatization

Date:2018/5/8 11:48:41

Qingdao enterprise information ERP system
1, business process after years of accumulation is generally fixed.
ERP software contains advanced management concepts and methods, the core of which is the integration of business processes. The core idea is to standardize the process with the structure, and the prerequisite is that the business process is basically standardized and stable. If business processes change frequently, ERP can not be used. However, China's economy is in a period of transition and development. Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have developed rapidly. The organization, business and management of most small and medium-sized enterprises are almost unchanged. The very strict ERP process is difficult to adapt to. Therefore, the small and medium enterprises in this state can consider the ERP for a period of time. After the firm's core business is fixed and the process is relatively stable, it will be carried out no later.

2, we should have a thorough understanding of ERP in our hearts.
First, the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises should know clearly why their businesses are going to ERP, instead of seeing other companies going on, as well as ERP for ERP. After all, SMEs have limited capital and financial resources, and there is no chance to try many times. Therefore, from the beginning, enterprise leaders should consider the business strategy, business process, production process and organization structure together with the ERP system, fully estimate the difficulties and problems in the project, and determine the reasonable expectation value to measure the ERP input-output ratio and performance.

3, adhere to the whole company training.
For small and medium sized enterprises with relatively weak information base, in addition to the top leaders of the enterprise, it is necessary to give up the training input, carry out all staff training and realize the unified understanding with the means of training, so that the middle managers and the grass-roots personnel can fully understand and understand the essence of the ERP and the local interests. To comply with the overall interests, to coordinate the development of ERP in a concerted effort, to provide the basic guarantee for the successful implementation of ERP.

4, pay attention to the selection of ERP software and choose the right software suppliers.
The selection of ERP software is very important to the success or failure of the project implementation. Product function, product brand influence, supplier service level and so on are all we need to consider during the selection process, the most important of which is the choice of software suppliers.

5, correctly grasp the selection and implementation of the system from the perspective of computer software technology.
From the perspective of computer technology, ERP system still belongs to the category of generalized management information system. Therefore, its selection criteria and implementation steps must also follow the rules and scientific methods of management information system. First, to ensure the advanced nature of the selected ERP software, including operating system, software and hardware platform, and so on, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of project failure as a result of the use of an obsolete operating system as a result of the Peugeot, which requires the software to be fully functional, open and supporting the enterprise on the Web platform. The coordination of internal and external business; on the specific framework, ERP must develop from C/S, C/S+B/S to the full B/S framework to adapt to the development of intensive and advanced management model. In addition, the implementation of the ERP system to ensure that it can be easily implemented and easy to maintain, in order to ensure that the enterprise on the basis of the original ERP system, through continuous upgrading and expansion to meet the needs of growth, instead of continuous replacement and re implementation of the ERP system.

6, establish a good implementation team.

When the enterprise has decided to implement the ERP, it should establish a long-term stable, rich ERP theoretical knowledge and development ability and implementation experience of the professional team to complete the implementation of the ERP project. The team should be led by an excellent project manager, consisting of three party members, namely, an enterprise, a consulting company and a ERP supplier. The project manager not only has a systematic understanding of ERP theory and information technology, but also has a good grasp of various business processes of the enterprise, and can use his own prestige to communicate horizontally in the course of the implementation process, integrate and optimize the process reasonably, guide the completion of the process, and also do a good job in selecting ERP software, consulting and soft. A series of works related to the selection of partners such as agents and specific implementation of professional and technical personnel. In addition, consulting service providers have more in-depth research and successful implementation of ERP software than enterprises, which can help customers to win time and reduce risk. Therefore, for small and medium sized enterprises with relatively weak financial resources and manpower, it is impossible to choose a suitable partner and complete the construction of the ERP project with the help of external force to achieve the goal of improving the success rate of the project. Of course, enterprises should, in the light of their own actual conditions, examine the company's creditworthiness of ERP software dealers and consulting services, carry out full sample customer survey

7, ERP system construction should be carried out according to plan, step by step and emphasis.
The complete ERP system in theory has wide coverage and complicated functions. Small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the constraints of time, funds, human resources, and so on, are usually not able to implement ERP at the same time in all business processes, and it is impossible to implement all the functions in ERP at once. Therefore, enterprise leaders should formulate long-term and long-term implementation plans according to the actual situation, grasp the key points and grasp the core, and gradually realize all functions of ERP. Because the central idea of ERP is integration and automation, small and medium-sized enterprises can gradually integrate each process in the premise of realizing manual management to automation, and then expand the integration of business process to the whole supply chain, and finally make decision optimization (Qingdao sea) on the basis of ERP initial operation. Information ERP case).

8, do a good job of "fighting protracted war" preparation.
Since management itself is constantly changing, ERP is to pursue long-term benefits of enterprise management. Therefore, enterprises should recognize the long-term nature of ERP construction. Enterprises can not only pay attention to short-term benefits and reduce or stop investment, make projects put on the ground, and can not adjust the institutions and processes at random for the pursuit of the maximization of short-term profits, so that the foundation of the operation of ERP is shaken and abandoned.
To sum up, the operation of ERP must combine with practice to form its own solution. The operation of the system is integrated, and the operation of the software crosses many departments; the business process is rationalized; the business departments at all levels are rebuilt according to the completely optimized process; the performance monitoring is dynamic and the performance system can be feedback to correct the problems existing in the management; the management improves continuously, and the enterprise establishes a continuous self. The mechanism of evaluation and continuous improvement of management. Colorful banner information, ERP experts around you, this is the whole content of this article. Thank you for reading.

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