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What kind of products do users want?

Date:2016/4/6 14:58:40

The article from abroad famous designer team, professional quality and rich experience make their output design and content are quite outstanding and outstanding. Today the perspective is very special, but is also the basis of that is commonplace for, but compared to the empty hypothesis, they explore the foundation, more based on realistic visible data and the real past project experience.

Behind every case there is a main idea to support: for the user design, in the process of every link in this point to keep in mind. From the user experience research, to the block diagram, prototype, and then to the UI design, testing, designers should remember that they are not just artists, creators and concept designer. The designer is the person who solves the problem. Every decision in the design process should be based on a simple but important reason: to make the user's life more convenient or more happy. All this is around the user. The more we know about the user, the more we are constantly going to understand them, the better the product.

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