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after-sale service

Qingdao Buntinginfo Ltd, for short, colored flag information, English name Buntinginfo.
Buntinginfo is a new and high technology team based on software development, electronic commerce, system integration and software outsourcing. It is mainly devoted to providing a professional information solution for all enterprises and institutions, as well as all aspects of management consulting and technology of e-government, collaborative commerce, information platform, network security and so on. Service; in the enterprise OA system, transportation management system, financial management system, commercial policy return system, fire monitoring system, logistics platform APP, enterprise portal, WMS system, entry and storage system and other aspects of its own characteristics of the industry leading solutions.
Since its inception, the company has successfully provided high-end Internet services for more than 500 enterprises and institutions and government agencies.
For coloured flag information, customers are exclusive and exclusive. We emphasize the way of individualism and communication with you. Through the combination of creative and new technology and new media, we can provide you with integrated solutions and a full range of visual communication services.
At the same time, with the most professional network new thinking, color flags deeply think about the real value of the network in Chinese enterprises, Chinese Internet operators and Internet users, unswervingly carry the banner of Chinese network innovation, and strive to uncover the new chapter of the network.

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